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Website and Branding for Fintech Company

The client's mission is to help more artists establish stable income sources and create novel monetization methods. They firmly believe that artistic creation is not just an expression of creativity, but also a profession that can provide sustainable earnings for artists. Through an innovative platform, artists can transform their creations into valuable assets, thereby gaining continuous financial rewards.

Website for Energy Company

Worked with an energy company to rejuvenate their brand image and appeal to a younger demographic through a comprehensive design overhaul. This project involved refreshing their visual identity to resonate with contemporary aesthetics and energy-conscious values that younger users prioritize.

Website and Branding for IoT Company

Client @its.not.mirror is a home IoT company that builds and ships interactive artwork to help people with memory difficulties practice mindfulness. As the aging population increases, they believe this work will be so important to the society.

Their first patent product, ‘Not Mirror’ is a handcrafted wooden shelf that helps people remember essential items before they leave the house, it features live weather information in a beautiful two color tone display.

Website for Foundation

Worked with a local foundation to overhaul its brand and website design, aiming to engage a younger audience. The project involved refreshing its visual identity to align with modern aesthetics and making the foundation's mission more accessible to young users, thereby improving the website's investment conversion rate and readability.

Branding for Design Consulting Firm

Collaborated with a US design firm to rejuvenate their brand identity through comprehensive visual branding, aiming for a younger appeal. This project encompassed revitalizing their visual identity to reflect a modern company's image, transitioning from a traditional US design firm to a global creative powerhouse.

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