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Musa Exchange




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Musa Exchange is dedicated to bridging capital and artists by issuing ownership stakes to the public, realizing this unique vision.

The company's mission is to help more artists establish stable income sources and create novel monetization methods. They firmly believe that artistic creation is not just an expression of creativity, but also a profession that can provide sustainable earnings for artists. Through an innovative platform, artists can transform their creations into valuable assets, thereby gaining continuous financial rewards.

4 Big Takeaways

01. Defining a vision for product

02. Style guideline - Color, Typography, Element

03. A comprehensive User Journey

04. A unifying design system

01     Defining a vision for product

In the initial stages of user research, we discovered a strong affinity among users for the Bauhaus style. Drawing inspiration from this insight, we made the decision to incorporate this iconic style into our website design, aiming to create a unique visual and emotional experience. Our company's vision intertwines with the essence of Bauhaus, crafting a platform that blends innovation, minimalism, and functionality to offer users an unparalleled journey of exploration and interaction. This fusion goes beyond mere aesthetics; it's a philosophy that melds our vision with the distinctive attributes of the Bauhaus style, resulting in a truly exceptional creative space.

02     Style Guideline - Color

Musa has four primary colors that contribute to the brand identity. The size of the color swatch on the right indicates the degree of usage. Lemon Chrome, Pureed Pumpkin, and Set Sail can be used for larger color fills leaving the Lemon Tonic to be used for color accents or to highlights.‍

02     Style Guideline - Typography

Poppins is Musa’s primary font for web, print, promo materials, and social media events. When people see this font they should think Musa. With that said, we’ve paired the font bauhaus to be used soley as the heading.

02     Style Guideline - Element

On occasion, Musa will use other graphic elements in addition to the Musa logo to help define different aspects of the company. These are a little less concrete and make evolve with time.


04     Design system - Being updated...

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